MKR 2015 Starts February

MKR Australia 2015

The sixth season of My Kitchen Rules Australia starts on 02 February 2015.

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Matt and Rob MKR 2015 Contestants

MKR 2015 Matt and Rob

The next team from Victoria are mates Matt and Rob.  These two blokes are oyster farmers. Rob’s claim to fame is being the cousin of actor and movie star Chris Hemsworth. But the big question is, can these two cook?

Rob the Not So Famous

Rob on My Kitchen Rules 2015

Well it looks like My Kitchen Rules has someone who is related to someone famous.  Could they get anyone less famous! Maybe that is a bit harsh.  Rob is, apparently,  the cousin of Australian actor and Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth…

MKR 2015 Queensland Team Sheri & Emilie

Sheri and Emilie MKKR 2015

The first Queensland team to be introduced for My Kitchen Rules 2015 season are Sheri and Emilie.