Storm in a Tea Cup


Colin Fassnidge teams are getting mixed reviews with their cooking. With Rob and Dave as well as Drasko and Bianca scoring 71 and 70 respectively we though he had a great crew. But now with Emma and Jane scoring 56 and Lynn and Tony on 48 it look like his up and coming home chefs don’t quite have it.  Maybe all the hype about Colin and his third round teams has just been a storm in a tea cup.

Colin Fassnidge and the 3rd Herd

Colin Fassnidge

Surprise on MKR with chef and restauranteur Colin Fassnidge joining the team and bringing along the third group of home cooks.

Vicky and Seline Knockout Rob and Matt

Vicky and Seline

The final instant kitchen with the second group was a success for South Australia’s Vicky and Seline scoring 73 putting them in second place. Rob and Matt had no chance and were sent packing. 

Rose and Josh Spanish Restaurant

Rose and Josh

A score of 66 gets this mother and son team from Victoria into second place. Stuffed squid, paella and empanadas. Very latiana, very spanish and very tasty. This team produced some classic food but not to standard. Still they came through and everyone ‘cleaned’ their plates. Don’t know what empanadas are? They are very tasty savory or sweet deep fried pastry. Cuban empanadas are the best. Nothing like the Scotish deep fried Mars bars.