What is MKR?

My Kitchen Rules or MKR was started in Australia after the success of ‘My Restaurant Rules’ on Channel 7 and as competition for the very successful ‘MasterChef’ on Channel 10.

The competition is between teams of ‘Home Chefs’ who essentially don’t have any professional cooking experience other that what they have learned cooking at home.

Teams audition from all over Australia but only 12 teams will go onto the show to begin the first stage of competition. The teams can be formed by anyone including relatives, friends or couples.

Initially there are two separate groups. Teams go to each others houses to cook for the other teams with their group. Two judges, Manu Feildel and Pete Evans score the entrĂ©, main and desert meals. The contestants dining also score the whole meal for the cooking team. The team that scores the lowest score is eliminated from the competition. This happens in both groups, so only 10 teams remain to go into the ‘Studio Kitchen’. From there they compete in cooking challenges until the last two remaining teams go into the Grand Final. The winner of the Grand Final receives $250,000 cash prize.

Through out the competition there are opportunities for previously eliminated contestants to re-enter the competition.



3 Responses to What is MKR?

  1. jwgmom says:

    I have questions. Why don’t the contestants do a run=through and cook the meals before they compete. So many glitches would be prevented. And who pays for all the food? Do they have a budget?

  2. maggie jenkins says:

    MKR is an absolute fake. Peter Evans should be ashamed of the score he gave to the boys last night. They lead all the way just to be “supposedly” beaten by a pair of big heads. Shame on you all especially you Peter Evans, you are a disgrace.

  3. Bellamy Belvedar Blunderbuss-Smythe says:

    Do the contestants have a budget to how much can be spent on each meal, if so how much is it and does it count towards their score. I ask the question because some tams are short of food where other teams have ample expensive cuts of meat left over.
    Thank you and keep well

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